Asian-European bakeries offer fresh flair

Ken Downy, vice president of bakery operations, H MART, Maspeth, NY recently toured bakeries in the Korea Town neighborhood of New York City. As H MART’s new head of bakery, Downy will be charged with implementing a fresh in-store bakery program for the 50-store chain of Asian supermarkets.

Downy, former president of Retail Bakers of America with 35 years of bakery experience, toured the Korean bakeries to get some ideas for his new venture. “Korea Town in New York is one street, one block. Both sides of the street are packed with bakeries and restaurants,” Downy said. “The bakeries offer Korean-style bakery products, like red bean buns. But, the majority of the stuff is French pastries, which is in my wheel house.”

He shared photos from his recent tour of Caffe Bene and Tous les Jours. Caffe Bene was founded in South Korea in 2008, and today has more than 1,600 locations. In addition to its pastries and coffee, Caffe Bene is known for a variety of freshly-prepared Liege Belgian waffles.

Tous les Jours, also a French-Asian bakery chain, launched in the United States in 2004, and has 35 U.S. locations. The bakeries offer bread, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and beverages, including coffee and bubble tea.


Caffe Bene
Tous les Jours
Tous les Jours