Author: Heather Henstock

Management The Entrepreneur

How Bethel Bakery Cranks Out Cookies

Cookies of all varieties are big business for Bethel Bakery, Bethel Park, Pa. Cookies (chocolate chip, drop, cut-out, decorated, and holiday specialty) generate about 15% of bakery sales for the retail bakery. “Cookies are very important to us,” said John Walsh, owner Bethel Bakery. “Cookies are big. They’re easy to serve […]

Marketing The Entrepreneur

Five Farmer’s Market Tips for Bakeries

With summer fast approaching, farmer’s markets are beginning to pop up in parking lots, street corners and parks across the nation. Bakeries are increasingly using these outdoor marketplaces to grow sales and market their businesses. Here are five tips for getting the most out of farmer’s markets: Offer bakery products […]