Bakeries win local and seasonal appeal

Marlborough Bakery, London

Locally grown and seasonal descriptors are now almost as salient as calorie

and fat content information on menus,” The Hartman Group reported in its infographic, Eating Out Trends: Diners’ Motivations & Preferences. While most bakeries don’t have menus that require descriptors, looking at diner preferences in restaurants can offer a glimpse of what bakery customers might want too.

And, it’s good news for bakeries, according to The Hartman Group report. While “calories” leads the list as the most desired menu descriptor at 35%, “locally grown item labels” at 28% and “seasonal item labels” at 27% rank very closely to “heart-healthy item labels” and “fat content” at 29%.

For bakeries, the research suggests customers are looking for more healthful options, but eating locally and seasonally are just as important. Retail bakeries, in particular, can use this to their advantage by promoting their signature and seasonal items throughout the year.

Photo: Marlborough Bakery