Cake artist wins big with Trump cake

Melissa Alt, surrounded by press, explains her Donald Trump cake. (image courtesy Orlando Sentinel)

It doesn’t matter whether you sided with Trump or Clinton, we can all agree Melissa Alt is one talented young cake decorator…and a savvy marketer.

Melissa Alt of Melissa Alt Cakes, Teaneck, N.J., is the artist behind the infamous Donald Trump cake that went viral when it was delivered to Trump Headquarters at Trump Tower in New York City on election day. She made a Hillary Clinton cake as well, and each cake took 50 hours to create.

“Hillary was an order, and then we decided to do Trump as well. I saw it as a good opportunity,” Alt told the Boston Globe in an interview about the Trump Cake.

Because the Trump Cake wasn’t an official order, the hours spent creating it could have easily gone unnoticed. But, the media ate it up. The cake initially didn’t go much further than the lobby because of the heavy security around the soon-to-be President of the United States. Luckily, the news media was stationed in the lobby too when in walked Donald Trump in cake form. TV news interviews, photos of the cake and Alt, and a storm of social media attention soon followed. The cake even received mention on Jimmy Fallon’s comedy monologue.

Along with her incredible artistic ability, 24-year-old Alt used social media and good timing to generate publicity around her business. She personally delivered the cake, so she could answer questions and share information about its creation. She posted preview photos and information while she was creating the masterpieces to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. The news articles and press the Trump Cake received when it was revealed link to her website, which provides high quality images and video of Alt’s other finished cakes and sculpted edible creations.

Alt’s inclination that the Trump Cake was a “good opportunity” certainly paid off. And, she’s grateful for the publicity. Alt posted this message on her Instagram page: “I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my family, friends and everyone out there who has been so supportive and involved this past day and a half as the Trump cake went viral and throughout my whole cake career as well! I’m overjoyed and humbled by this experience. Who ever thought a Trump cake would have brought this much attention to Melissa Alt Cakes? But it just goes to show do what you love, follow your dreams, be passionate, work hard and then even harder than you ever thought you could.”

Alt created a Hillary Clinton cake as well. (image courtesy Melissa Alt Cakes)

• Click HERE for a video of Trump and Clinton election cakes from Melissa Alt Cakes.