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Couples Say ‘I Do’ To Wedding Pies

Seeking an alternative to the traditional wedding cake, more brides and grooms are choosing pies to celebrate their big day, according to BoDeans Baking Group in its latest blog, 6 Pie Trends to Try in 2015. “Some use multi-tiered presentations that hold many standard-sized pies of several flavors, while others offer […]

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Baker Rants

By John Stricker Being in the baking industry all my life, I’ve observed much during the years…fad diets that label bakery products as evil, volatile commodity markets going crazy on the price of our ingredients, and the Martha Stewartization of wedding cakes where all brides want top-dollar cake designs like […]


Reassess Your Bakery’s Beverages

With coffee as a natural complement to most bakery products, retail bakers should reassess their beverage offerings to ensure they are maximizing sales in the category and giving customers the thirst quenchers they desire. Coffee and cold beverages are too often an afterthought in many bakeries. When handled well, beverages […]