Five Farmer’s Market Tips for Bakeries

farmersmarketbakeryWith summer fast approaching, farmer’s markets are beginning to pop up in parking lots, street corners and parks across the nation. Bakeries are increasingly using these outdoor marketplaces to grow sales and market their businesses. Here are five tips for getting the most out of farmer’s markets:

  1. Offer bakery products that stand up to the elements. You never know what the weather may bring, so be prepared with products that can withstand heat, wind, rain or whatever may come your way. Leave the lemon meringue pies for your in-store customers.
  2. Market your bakery. Not everyone that stops by your booth will buy a product, but they might want to know more about your business for future purchases. Have business cards, brochures, and other take-away marketing material available, so they can find you again.
  3. Go natural. Most customers expect farm-direct produce and fresh foods with all-natural ingredients when they’re on their farmer’s market sprees. Offer bakery products with clean labels and no unnecessary ingredients.
  4. Price for profitability. Consider any extra expenses that come with selling products at a farmer’s market (i.e. booth fees, travel, packaging, personnel, etc) and include them in the price of your products. As long as the price difference isn’t completely out of whack, prices don’t necessarily need to be the same as your traditional retail prices.
  5. Get to know your neighbors. Try cross merchandising with other booths. If someone is selling jams, for example, see if you can work together by offering samples of your fresh breads paired with their jams.

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Photo by: David Dawson