Get your RBA baker certification

Scoring judges review a candidate’s quick breads.

The next practical test for Certified Baker and Certified Master Baker will be held August 22-23 at Kendall College in Chicago. Before candidates can take the practical test, they must first send applications to Retail Bakers of America (RBA), Tinley Park, Ill., and pass a written test that is now available on-line.

“Candidates are provided a log-in link to access the test,” said Mark Seaman, RBA certification chairman. “There is a 90-minute time limit from the time the test is started to complete the test. All candidates receive an instant notification that they passed or failed once they submit their responses.”

Once they have passed the written test, they can register to take the hands-on practical test that is conducted in different locations throughout the year. The Certified Master Baker test takes two days, and the Certified Baker test requires only one. Various bakeries and culinary schools around the country provide the use of their kitchens and equipment for candidates to test their skills on a pre-determined set of criteria.

“Certification adds credibility to an individual’s skills and as a result to the bakery in which they work,” Seaman said. “Companies can capitalize on the fact that their employees have been tested by some of the country’s most experienced master bakers and awarded unique credentials attesting to their abilities in baking.”

He said RBA has seen an increased interest in baker certification particularly among supermarket in-store bakeries. “They are interested in using this as a tool to encourage employees to gain more skills and credentials in order to stay in their positions longer and to potentially earn more money,” Seaman said.

Certification builds individual confidence, and it also helps build a community of certified bakers who can network with one another to share common concerns and solutions. Currently, there are fewer than 200 Certified Master Bakers (CMB), the highest level of baker certification in the United States.

For more information, visit RBA’s website.

four recent certification candidates and the floor judge