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Meet the Speakers at the upcoming RBA Roadshow!

Posted By Bakery.com - on Nov 19, 2012

Meet the Speakers for the December 2nd RBA Roadshow in Chicago. Pick classes from either the Cake Decorating track or the Business track or bring someone along and cover all the bases!


1:00pm:Michelle Boyd"Low-Tech/High Impact Sugar Work"

Employing commonly used tools, and little or no fancy equipment, Michelle Boyd will show you simple techniques that can be added to your cake designs for maximum impact. Techniques demonstrated will include: bubble sugar, quick sugar coral, pulled sugar flames, a basic and easy introduction to blown sugar, working with lights, and more!

2:00pm:Pat Jacoby"Internal Structure 101"

In this class, you will learn the basics of doing a structure for a sculpted cake that will allow you to give it to a customer to transport with no worry about an accident. Pat will demonstrate how to make a flower pot cake full of flowers with a suspended sprinkling can. The cake will be covered completely in buttercream icing and the structure will consist of items easily accessible at a hardware store. After learning the basics of putting the structure together, you will be able to adapt this technique for numerous styles of cakes to fit your particular theme.

3:00pm:Fran Leon"Cricut Cakes"

Would you like to learn how to create intricate designs while at the same time improving your efficiency and bottom line? If so, the Cricut Cake machine may be just the right tool for you. In this class, you will be introduced to the Cricut and will learn some easy ways to up-sell your cakes and take your bakery's designs to the next level.

4:00pm:Heidi Hedeker"Individual Desserts"

Entertaining is back in style . . . with bakeries and pastry shops as favorite places to shop. Party food has gone beyond comfort food, to desserts and cakes with some retro twists. In this class, Heidi will demonstrate elegant new desserts for a crowd. Desserts-in-a-glass, miniatures for sweet table miniatures, and variations on a cake ball are the latest options to add to your line of dessert options.


1:00pm:Jonna Parker"Bakery Opportunity: How to Reach Customers More Often"

Building foot traffic and purchase frequency is a goal for many bakeries. Jonna Parker will share the latest sales trends and consumer insights from the research from in-store bakeries. The session will then move to a discussion on what strategies bakeries can use to help make the bakery an everyday destination based on what consumers are or aren't purchasing in super markets.

2:00pm:Beth Fahey"Pricing As Seen on TV Cakes for Profit"

Profit is Good. It is a necessary and healthy way to think about your business. These days, however, many bakeries struggle with pricing "as seen on TV" cakes; often underpricing their services. Beth Fahey demystifies pricing these labor-intensive cakes, with practical tools like accurate product costing, forecasting cash flow in a seasonal business, and ultimately, which percentages are the ones to pay attention to - including identifying your bakery's target net operating profit.

3:00pm:Sue Tinnish"Guerrilla Marketing for the Small Bakery Owner"

How to promote your business when you don't have the time, money or knowledge to do it like the "big guys." For businesses, like bakeries, struggling to survive in these difficult economic times, one method of building your business is guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing involves using low-cost advertising, promotion and public relations techniques. Guerrilla marketing also means relying on inventive and unconventional strategies and tactics - things that you, as a bakery owner can do for yourself.

4:00pm:Renee Rouwhorst"Qualifying the Sale: Those Crazy As Seen on TV Cakes"

Do you have customers that come in with elaborate ideas for a cake or a picture from the internet that they "just have to have"? As a good sales person, you spend lots of time researching, sketching and figuring out how to build the cake and then hear, "That's more than I wanted to spend" or "That's really not what I had in mind." In this session, you will learn how to qualify the sale and really understand your customers' wants and needs so that you can quickly and efficiently make the sale.

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