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Marketing Outreach: Persuade or Convince?

Posted By Bakery.com - on Jan 7, 2013

Stop Trying To Convince People ...

A lot has been written about the power of persuasion. Here's my spin on the subject:

Great marketing outreach doesn't try to convince, it persuades. Convincing is all about using facts and figures, rationales and spreadsheets. Persuading appeals to emotion, to imagination ... and to hope.

CPAs and engineers convince. Marketing (and branding) specialists persuade. You may be able to convince someone of something by showing him or her the facts, but it takes a lot more to actually change their mind, get them to embrace your viewpoint or to want what you have to offer.

It takes persuasion.

Stop trying to convince people. It won't work. Persuade them. Get them excited. They tend to keep their wallets much closer to their hearts than their heads .


Ad Budget Insights:Advertising which appears in a higher-cost vehicle that actually targets your best prospects will be more cost effective, dollar for dollar, than a cheaper vehicle that might miss your audience completely. Don't focus on the cost of the ad alone. Focus on the cost per potential prospect reached. It's not a formula, but a strategy: 1) Define your target audience; 2) Analyze and understand their media habits; 3) Develop a message that speaks to their needs (not yours); and 4) Budget accordingly. Use what will work. Always. ----------------------

- Lori Martinek, Branding Expert, Author and Momentum Facilitator


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