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One of the best parts of the Paris trip was the opportunity to met the gracious and hospitable Apollonia Poilane. It was an amazing experience to see the iconic bakery and meet this powerful, kind and skilled woman. Her new book, in English, will be released in October!
Bakery.com6 days ago
-Maiko Nishikouji, who organizes Pan Matsuri, explains that the knowledge and number of artisan bakers in Japan, as well as their customer base, is expanding. “For the customers, it’s not just about enjoying the final product, it’s also about recognizing the background of the ingredients, and the background of each person that is expressed through their bread-making.” shared a link.2 weeks ago
The celebratory line will feature loaves made from sprouted grains and alternative flours. shared American Pie Council's post.4 weeks ago
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The cupcake franchise is facing lawsuits from franchisees. shared Sarcastic Mama's post.2 months ago