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Flavor Right is a private company specializing in non-dairy frozen whipped topping, icing and real whipped cream. Our roots reach back to the Great Depression, when G. Frederick Smith invented the first aerosol whipped cream product. In the early 1980’s, Flavor Right became dedicated to the icing and topping category. We are proud to now be a well-respected name across the globe and a market leader in product quality and innovation.
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Manufacturer of Bread and Roll Moulders, Sheeters, Air Baggers, Bolillo Moulders, Rounders, CanCut Bagel Slicers. Bloemhof can help you increase productivity and reduce labor costs.
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Northstar’s Warehouse Management System can help your bakery improve a number of key challenges, such as Traceability, Recalls, Allergen Control, Expiration Date Control, Audits / FDA and 3rd Party, Record Keeping, Government Compliance, and Customer Requirements.

NorthStar Automation is a software technology company that specializes in automated data collection with a core competency in warehouse management. The ownership has a combined 55+ years of being in the technology industry. We work with customers that manage inventory within a warehouse and are at the stage of advancing their operations with technology within a budget. The NorthStar WMS is a feature rich WMS and is fully compatible to seamlessly integrate with most ERP / Accounting systems, EDI, shopping carts and shipping carriers. The NorthStar WMS is a web-based system utilizing the latest in Microsoft technology in both .NET programming and a SQL database.

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