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Cheating Dieters Among Top Bakery Trends This Year

As 2017 begins, consumers make resolutions to get healthy and dig in their heels on their diets. However, they still want to indulge, and they’re willing to cheat on bakery products if it’s worth it. They want quality ingredients and bakery products they can’t make or don’t have time to […]


Bakeries win local and seasonal appeal

“Locally grown and seasonal descriptors are now almost as salient as calorie and fat content information on menus,” The Hartman Group reported in its infographic, Eating Out Trends: Diners’ Motivations & Preferences. While most bakeries don’t have menus that require descriptors, looking at diner preferences in restaurants can offer a glimpse of what bakery […]

Pastry Chefs Trending

Mini Pastries Steal the Show

When bakery professionals travel for business they’re always on the look out for new ideas and bakery trends that might apply to their bakeries. Mini pastries were the clear trend in Munich, Germany recently at the 23rd iba, an international trade fair for bakery, pastry and snacks. While the move […]